Tagging drinks

Every well-rounded set includes drinks! Because drinks are liquid, it's important they be tagged properly. Drinks should be tagged with a Drink Tag or Drink Flag Tag.

In general, drinks will use a Drink Tag - unless placed on metal packaging, such as a can, in which case a Metal Safe Tag should be used. However, always follow best practices:

  • If the tag has the potential to be microwaved, use a Microwave Safe tag
  • If the tag will be placed directly on metal, use a Metal Flag tag
  • If the tag will be placed on a non-metal drink, use a Drink tag

Below is an example of an aluminum can and TetraPak where a Metal Flag Tag should be used:

Metal_Can.jpg Tetra_Pak.jpg


Applying the drink flag tag to a bottle or jar should be applied like the following: 


Drink_Flag_2.jpg Drink_Flag_1_.jpg
Drink_Flag_3.jpg Drink_Flag_4.jpg
Drink_Flag_5.jpg Drink_Flag_6.jpg


Below are examples of how the longer older drink tag should be applied to a drink bottle:


The drink tag should be applied to the top lid and draped over the side of the drink, creating an air gap as shown below. This helps with improved readability by the store's antennae:


Here's another view of different types of drinks and how the drink tag is applied:


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