Tagging soups or yogurts

Soups, yogurts, parfaits, and puddings are all liquid heavy products. It's important they be tagged properly for maximum readability. In general, yogurts use a Metal Safe tag and soups a Microwave Safe tag; however, always follow best practices:

  • If the tag has the potential to be microwaved, use a Microwave Safe tag
  • If the tag will be placed directly on metal, use a Metal Flag tag
  • If the tag will be placed on a non-metal drink, use a Drink Flag tag


Because most yogurts use a foil lid, it's generally recommended to use a Metal flag tag. 

Drink_Flag_5.jpg Drink_Flag_6.jpg
A Metal flag tag is draped across the side of this Chobani yogurt.



Because most soups are dense liquid filled to the top, it's recommended to use a Metal flag tag. 


If the soup is going to be microwaved to eat - it is best to use a Microwave safe tag.

Wrap the long tag around the lid or the container where there is an air gap from the liquid to the tag. 



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