Products Overview

The Products section of the Dashboard is where you'll set up the items you'll be selling through Byte Technology-powered stores. The product library holds details such as retail pricing, cost of food, allergens, and nutritional information. 

All product details can be edited in the dashboard at any time, any updates are automatically set to send to the store menu screen every 5 minutes. 



To navigate:

1. Select Products Tab

2. Search the Product by Name as shown in the search box above 

3. Add a new product by selecting the Add Button as shown next to No. 3. above. 

Notice the labels in each column that provides you with product information such as the SKU number, Name, Price, Cost, and Quantity in Inventory



To Edit a Product: 

1.  Select the product you wish to edit while in the Products Tab

2. Select the Edit tile with the Edit Pencil as shown in the photo above


* Within each product, there are 4 tabs of detailed information on the product page. They are covered in detail in their own section, click the topic to go directly to that page. 


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