Test and verify inventory

Inventory reports are only as accurate as the RFID readings of the store itself. When first getting started with a new store or a new product, it is important to test out the placement and readability of the tags on your product. Important to note that store inventory is read every 10 minutes, and before and after every transaction. 

Follow these steps to run a test: 

  1. Tag the products you will be testing
  2. Using your login to unlock the store, place tagged products in store 
  3. Confirm the inventory is properly read in the Byte Technology Dashboard 
  4. Wait roughly 1 hour from stocking and ensure the inventory is still reading and accurately 

After placing the tagged products in the store, Check out below how to check the online dashboard for count and accuracy:


If the product disappears from inventory, this is an indicator that tagging can be improved. You can view tagging best practices here.


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