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A great feature of the Byte Technology dashboard is being able to monitor your store's health remotely without making a physical visit to the store. 


You can see under the store's tab a quick glance of how your fleet of Byte stores are doing: 



Different Health Statuses you will see from this view:


Offline: The Store cannot reach a remote server

RFID Error: The Store cannot find any RFID hardware or any product or temperature tags

Too Warm: The store is out of temperature range when the temperature reading comes in above 41 degrees for more than 30 minutes - or 3 consecutive heartbeats. 

Archived: The store has been archived and is not connected to the remote server

Online: The store is connected to a remote server 
Multiple Issues: The store is experiencing one or more of the statuses above


How to troubleshoot and correct a health status:


Offline: Power cycle (physically reboot the store by unplugging the power cables for 5 seconds)

RFID Error: Power cycle (physically reboot the store by unplugging the power cables for 5 seconds)

Too Warm: Power cycle (physically reboot the store by unplugging the power cables for 5 seconds)


You have the ability to check the status and health of the Byte Technology store remotely. Each store checks in with the server every 10 minutes. The "Status" page shows you what the store has reported back to the server during the last check-in. To navigate to this section, click Stores > Select Store > Status.



In this section, you will see a few reported fields:


Store Temp ˚F: the reported temperature of the unit

OOS Code: the out-of-order service code reporting back from the store. This can also be found on the menu screen when in this state. 

RFID 1 ~ 8: Count of the total number of unique tag reads per antenna. In Dragonfruit models, there are eight (8) total antennas with two (2) located above each shelf. If this number is between 0-100, the antennas are not reading properly. Numbers in the higher thousands indicate a strong reading. 

Locked Down: LOCKED value shows your store is in Lockdown mode. "Unlocked" indicates that the store is able to take a transaction. 

IP: the IP address of the cell or ethernet connection

Time: the timestamp of the check-in, or "heartbeat"



Export store status data

Data from the "Status" page is accessible and available for export up to the last 14 days. If you need older data, simply reach out to the Byte Technology support team.  

To export:

  1. Select Stores Tab on the left-hand navigation panel
  2. Select which store you wish to view
  3. Click the Status tab on the top bar
  4. Click Export_Icon.png
  5. CSV file will automatically start to download (Tip: If not downloading, be sure to turn pop-up blocker off


Not seeing store status updates?

If a store has lost internet or cell signal, then it is unable to report back to our server. However, Byte Technology stores are built to allow consumers to transact for up to 3 days without connectivity in what we call "Offline Mode." Read more about Offline Mode here.

If you do not see a recent timestamp, check out the article Manual Reboot.


Are you seeing an Out of Service message or code on your store menu screen? Report an issue using out the technical support request form here, a member of support will be in touch within 1 business day. 

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