Financials Tab

On your dashboard menu, you will find a tab called "Financials". This will be a tab you will want to thoroughly review as it contains detailed information with regards to the following: credit card sales, merchant fees, license fees, connectivity fees, adjustments, tag order charges, and remittances. 

CC Sales: credit card sales for the current month 

Merchant Fees: monthly merchant fees

License Fees: monthly subscription fees

Connectivity Fees: monthly connectivity fees

Adjustments: fees deducted from sales, this include monthly fees and any tag orders placed for the current accounting month 

Tag Orders: tag orders placed for current month, this will be deducted monthly and included in adjustments 



Click the down arrow as seen in the photo above,  this will then drop down the current month and a list of your stores with financial information attached. This provides you with a snapshot of financials for all of your stores on one page. Carefully review each line item. 


This is the Export Icon    Export_Icon.png

By clicking on this icon in this section, you will see:

Export Transactions CSV or Export Remittance Summary CSV

Click on the report you wish to view and download. 




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