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Periodic Automatic Replacement (PAR) is a system that figures out the minimum (and optimal) level of any given product that should be on-shelf at your store at all times. This is the number that should be available of each product/SKU when a customer swipes their card at the store to start an order. 

A picklist is a document with all the QTY of items needed to reach your PAR level which is then sent to your warehouse pickers OR kitchen staff to fulfill a store's order. A picklist communicates the items they will need to retrieve from inventory storage or prepare, including inventory SKU, quantities, and locations. As soon as a picklist is generated, the store restocking process can begin.

A picklist allows product management to remain organized and accurate. With Byte Technology, you can see current inventory, how long a product has been on the shelf, sales trends, and what needs to be stocked by the end of the next delivery to maintain OR increase sales at any particular store. 


Store specific information used to create a picklist:

  • Product-specific PAR level
  • Current Product inventory



How to export the picklist:

  1. Navigate to the Stores tab on the left-hand navigation panel
  2. Select Export Restock (CSV OR PDF)
  3. Select which stores you wish to pick for
  4. Select OK


How to make adjustments to grow sales and reduce spoilage:

Using the metrics for each product of what has been stocked, sold, and spoiled at that store in the last 7 days, you can add or subtract pars to fulfill the demand to allow for maximum sales and minimum spoilage. 


How to adjust PARs at the store level:

  1. Select the edit pencil in the top right
  2. Make adjustments accordingly
  3. Select Save Pars


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