Export Transactions / Customer Emails

If you wish to view or analyze sales data, you'll want to export transactions to CSV.

To do so, navigate to the Transactions tab, click the Export icon Export_Icon.png



Filter the Export

Once clicked, you'll have the option to filter the export data:

- by Date

- by campus / store
- by Transaction status

- by Transaction Type
- Coupon use only 
- local time or UTC


The dropdown "Transaction type" gives you an option to download a subset of transactions based on sales or Restock activity by type, as follows:



All Sales: downloads all transactions

Sales with Issues: Transactions that occurred with an error or issue

Empty: VOIDED transactions with no products attached to that Credit Card Swipe

Refunds: Transactions with refund adjustments 



Products Added: downloads all products stocked into the store during Restocking

Products Removed: downloads all products removed from the store during Restocking


Export Customer Emails

With every transaction, customers can enter an email address on the menu screen to receive an emailed itemized receipt 1 hour after their order. 

You can then use those customer email addresses to send email marketing or promos directly to the end-user. 


To find the email addresses, complete the same steps as the transaction export and locate the Email Address column in the CSV file. 


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