How to adjust a transaction or process a refund

To adjust or process a refund to an order select “Transactions” from the left navigation menu. 


First, find the specific transaction you wish to adjust or refund. You can find your transactions using one or a combination of the following filters:

  1. Date: the date or date range of a transaction
  2. Name: the name on the credit card of the user
  3. Store: the store where the transaction occurred
  4. Transaction ID: the unique ID of the transaction (recommended)



To Refund:

Once you have located the transaction you wish to refund click "Adjust": 



Click to pencil to adjust the price to reflect the correct amount that should be charged to the customer:

For example, if you wish to refund the entire amount of the transaction you would enter $0.00. 


If you are doing a partial refund, enter the amount you wish to charge. For example, if your customer was charged $6.95 and you wanted to refund $3.95 you would enter $3.00:


To process, click the "save" button.


You must enter an adjustment reason to save and process the refund. 


You will see the transaction status remain in "Adjusted" until the payment processor processes the refund. At that point, the transaction status will become "Refunded".


To Adjust/Edit a transaction:

Once you have located the transaction you wish to refund click "Adjust": 



You can add a product to this order-

To Add, Click "add products"


When adding a product, search for the SKU/product you want to add then click "add"


Click Add once SKU is chosen

Click Save to charge for the new product


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